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About Delta Transmissions in Freeport, NY

We started in 1978 and as we grew we were trained and began working on large trucks in addition to cars. We continued our education and training to keep current with all transmission products ( including ALLISON Factory schools). In 2013 we completed building another facility for large trucks and equipment and became the exclusive ALLISON Overhaul Dealer in Nassau county.

Delta Transmissions has provided Freeport, New York with the best internal guts any transmission could have. We are dedicated to completing every job 100% without taking shortcuts, and we replace converters every time with the finest converters built.
Tony C. Manager
I was originally trained and schooled in Chemical Engineering, even some graduate school in chemical engineering. I worked for 12+ years for one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. I felt stifled and always wanted to do the right thing, but corporate big wheels, wanted otherwise, and as long as I was solely responsible for their non working designs or over budget purchases, all was good. So I left and started in the transmission business with a different concept: Be honest, employ competent mechanics, and competitive pricing. 36 years later we still adhere to those principles.